Flint Ridge Vineyard Winery produces a range of wines to suit every taste, from dry red and white wines, in the traditional style of cool climate european winegrowing regions, to the local style of sweet red wines that have been home-vinified in midwestern cellars for generations. The majority of our wines are produced from grapes that are grown here on the property. 

     Honest winemakers will tell you that great wines are made in the vineyard.  The weather, soil, and care of the developing fruit contributes more to the flavor of wine than intervention by the winemaker.  The winemaker can ruin a wine or preserve the natural greatness of the grapes, but no amount of winemaker's alchemy can transform leaden grapes into a golden wine.  While some of a winemakers tools provide stylistic distinctiveness and individuality to his wines, most of his meddling is in the attempt to resolve shortcomings in the quality of the grapes or his own wine-preserving blunders.

    We pursue a minimalist approach to winemaking at Flint Ridge Vineyard, that is, we serve as guide and facilitator throughout the winemaking process, protecting the natural flavor of our grapes so that it may be experienced as wine.  Winemaking is simply a way of preserving grapejuice, after all. We are preservationists, not creators. 



Red Wines

Red Tail  (Sweet Red Wine)
Not Available

A grapey blend of Concord and Chambourcin. Chambourcin adds depth and tempers the high acid Concord.
Medium bodied, and sweet. Fruity.




Hopewell Red (Red Table Wine Blend)
Not Available

Medium bodied red wine made of Chambourcin grapes. Blackberry nose, hints of Cedar and the licorice aroma of freshly turned earth...
Great steak wine. Aged in stainless steel.  



Marechal Foch (Red Table Wine)

Medium bodied red wine made of Marechal Foch grapes. Fresh and fruity dry wine with flavors of red berry fruits, which might remind you of a Pinot Noir.
Great steak wine. Aged in stainless steel. 



White Wines

Adena White (White Table Wine Blend)
Not Available

A blend of estate grown niagara grapes
Clarified and cool fermented to bring out fruitiness and balance acids
Semi sweet
Estate grown and bottled

Cayuga White,  (100% Varietal)  
Not Available                           

Aged on the lees... dry with mouth watering citrus finish
This is a great one for greasy seafood. Clean and cool, and crisp on the palate, somewhat reminiscent of a dry Reisling...




 Traminette  (100% Varietal)   
Not Availablehttp://www.flintridgevineyard.com/i/bottles/product/tn_Flint_Ridge_Wine_Labels~Traminette.jpg

White varietal, hybrid child of Gewurztraminer, Vigorous on our site...high cordon  trellis system combined with high vertical shoot positioning to expose fruit to the sun for sweeter grapes, more aeromatics.
Mid palate wine with distinctive floral and lychee furit aroma 
that continues to intensify in the bottle

Dessert Style



  New World White,  (Blended Table Wine)  

     A pleasantly sweet blend of Vidal and Cayuga grapes; this wine is very fruity and has a refreshing tartness that helps moderate the sweetness.



   Flint Ridge Vineyard's wines can be purchased in the winery.




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