The Winery

Flint Ridge Vineyard Winery stands out by not standing out.  We hope you notice how the winery facilities fit seamlessly into the surroundings as we attempt to create built environments that complement the backdrop of our rural landscape. Our building of wood and stone was assembled with regards to the wood of the forest and stone of the field, blending in to it's context rather than dominating it.  We hope you are refreshed by a hiatus from the world in constant competition for your attention, where architectural eyesores compete for your gaze, and the sad irony of sterile landscaping undermines vain attempts to bring an illusion of nature to our urban deserts.

     Flint Ridge Vineyard is what some might call a "garage winery", which is a small artisinal wine producer sometimes operating out of a space such as a garage.  We have a small, simple facility where we process our fruit, ferment, bottle, and sell our wine. Our wine is truely handcrafted, as our limited mechanization preserves the human scale of our work.  While we are industrious, we have no intention of being industrial. 



Pizza Night

Our most popular special event is our pizza night.  Once or twice per month we fire up our homemade wood-fired stone oven, and cook pizzas for our guests. We have several gourmet specalty pizzas, including Spicy Corn Pizza and a seasonal Garden Pizza, with veggies from our garden.  We also serve classic pepperoni and cheese & herb pizzas.  See our Pizza Night Page if you wish to attend one of these events.  

a r t   a t   t h e   w i n e r y

We are blessed with many creative friends and have some of their works on display at the winery.  When you come and see them you may be interested in talking with the artist, and finding out where you can see more of their work.  We can get you in touch...



Appalachian Abbey Bed & Breakfast

at Flint Ridge Vineyard

Our neighbors and farm-partners host guests at their Bed & Breakfast next-door to the winery.  For those who are passing through the area or attending events at Flint Ridge Vineyard, the Bed & Breakfast is a convenient place to rest your head.

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