Whether you are starting a winery, vineyard, or diversified farm, you will need an immense amount of knowledge to succeed.  There is much to gain from books, the internet, and workshops, but there is nothing better than learning from experience.  Flint Ridge Vineyard's Farm Manager and Winemaker, Ben Jahnes, is eager to share his experience in the field of agriculture and winemaking, provide individuals with hands-on learning opportunities, and conduct on-site consultations with land-owners who wish to discover what farming enterprise might suit their land. 

       Ben's philosophy is that it is easier to work with nature rather than fight it, and at the end of the day we'll be happier if our farming systems are constructed with the landscape as the primary driver for crop selection rather than our will.  With a lot of effort we can grow many things in Ohio, but if we try to grow crops unsuitable to our landscape, it will be a constant fight to realize the fruit of our labor. With many years of experience and training in agriculture across the world, Ben has developed a gift for reading the land, and understanding what agricultural enterprise might suit the landscape and the landowner's goals.  Additionally, Ben is well versed in agricultural practices that help rejuvinate abused and abandoned land, and maintain the health of good soils; skills which are needed to maintain a healthy agroecosystem.  If you are looking to begin an agricultural enterprise but don't know where to start, see what Ben has to say.


For consulting or internship inquiries, contact Ben at bjahnes(at)

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