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Visit Flint Ridge Vineyard Winery! 


      Come spend an afternoon among the scenic hills of Southeastern Ohio. Relax with a glass of wine and enjoy the views from our terraces. Savor a gourmet pizza, fresh from our wood-fired stone oven. Venture for a walk in our vineyards and absorb the breathtaking panorama. Be rejuvenated by the fresh country air.


Flint Ridge Vineyard is more than just a winery.  Wine at Flint Ridge Vineyard is the culmination of numerous synergistic activities that take place on our diversified farm.  We do not produce wine simply for the sake of wine. For Flint Ridge Vineyard, wine is a means to sustain our livelihood, our landscape, and our community.  We are not satisfied to produce award winning wines in a way that undermines the integrity of our land, nor are we satisfied to produce pricey organic wines with compromised flavor.  At Flint Ridge Vineyard we seek a balance.  We strive to follow examples set forth by nature, to craft resilient agro-ecosystems, a form of restorative farming, with the aim of improving the quality of our land, which we believe will continue to yield richer and more flavorful fruit. In the vineyard we focus on quality rather than quantity and building the wine's flavor on the vine, rather than manipulating the flavor of the wine in the winery.  We invite you to visit the winery, taste our craft, and discover the additional products and activities that we have to offer.


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The Results Are In:

Flint Ridge Vineyard Winery brings home three medals from the Finger Lakes Wine Competition.

2009 Hopewell Red - Silver

2008 Marechal Foch - Bronze

2008 Cayuga White - Bronze



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fine wines


from the edge of the flint ridge region of southeastern ohio



Our vision is to produce wines distinct to our place: sun, soil, seasons...


and soul.









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